Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanx to social networking!

WE meet,we read about others,
know ourselves better...
a virtual world inside the mother earth
hated &,praised simultaneously
we text,we scrap..or just post on a wall
or with a gust of whisper just poke and hangon!
friends come friends go..leving their profile
speaking the endless thoughts they creeped inside!
orkut face book,my space or twitter be its name!    
just one collective name social networking or 
in other words our 2nd phase of life !

LIKE you and others i met many friends..
some became best some turned the worst!
and in a silent night ,under the bay moon light
found the murmur of love ...again and again! 
some did my home work,some gave me jobs
some asked my help,and some greeted bye!

life is so immortal,but accounts do stay!
silent in the grave you sleep,and postings still on!
wishing the spirit a silent sleep,
enclosed by the flowing tears!

the 1st one to wish ,the 1st one to know
whether its ur birthday,or ceremony of shine!
different may be language,different may be soul
Its a linkage of humanity,shares so globalised!
its the virtual world of social networks..
i treat as my life!

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